The Soaring Society of South Africa

Administrative Matters - RAASA Forms.

The Chairman issued a circular clarifying the requirements for applications where licenses or certificates will be issued by RAASA. The requirement that RAASA receive one signed form per application can be satisfied ny using the forms in the downloads section.
These forms have still not been modified to accommodate gliding - however, by completing the relevant SSSA forms, and the appropriate part of the RAASA form we can proceed.
  • Application for a renewal of a GPL or rating on a GPL.
  • Application for issue of an Authority to fly.
    These forms are available direct from RAASA.
  • Application for issue of a RAASA format GPL for a current GPL.
    RAASA has not published this - it is in the > Downloads > forms section of

You need to send your documents to SSSA Admin - who will process and forward to RAASA.

For GPL Applications RAASA will require originals of:

  • RA GPL or RA GPL AA = please complete it as well as you can given that we do not have type ratings, or record flying in the same way.
  • Original or certified copy of your medical.
  • Certified copy of ID or Passport
  • Original or certified copy of your license
  • 1x Passport photo
  • Copy of your restricted radio license

For ATF Applications RAASA will require :

  • RA 24-2c = please complete it as well as you can given that it is not particularly appropriate to gliders.
  • Side on photo of the aircraft in current configuration.

If you need help please contact the National Operations Manager.