The Soaring Society of South Africa

South African airspace file in .cub format.

This file describes all the controlled, restricted and prohibited airspace where gliders may not operate.  It does not show general flying or other multi-user danger areas, except where these are designated “glider windows”.  It does not include areas such as Limpopo or the Lowveld where gliding does not generally occur.

The originator accepts no responsibility for errors, or consequential damages incurred through the use of this data.  In using this free data, the user acknowledges that he does so at his own risk.  Please notify us of any errors found in the graphics file.

This airspace file is ONLY available in .cub format and may be viewed with SeeYou, SeeYou Mobile and LX devices.  This file is updated periodically, usually as soon as major changes which affect gliding, occur.   The file name incorporates the date of issue.

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