The Soaring Society of South Africa

2019 SA Junior Nationals

SSSA are planning on hosting a South African Junior Gliding Nationals in Potchefstroom from the 22nd to the 27th September 2019. This will be the first time this event is run, and we hope this will lead to the development of our young pilots, as well as the expansion of gliding in South Africa. The primary object of the contest is to have fun, and for our young pilots to have a chance to build relationships and camaraderie. Tasks will be set with the pilots’ confidence and experience in mind, and safety will be the highest priority.  


To qualify for this contest, you need to be younger than 25 at the start of the contest, and you will need to have a Silver C, or the blessing of the SSSA competition committee. Silver C is a badge demonstrates that a pilot has obtained a 1000m height gain, a 50 km cross country flight, and a 5 hr duration flight.


The entry fee for this contest will be R500 per pilot, and we will try to keep the costs as low as possible. Launch method will primarily be aerotow, but winch launching may be available on the discretion of the organization. Aerotows will be cost only, and should be affordable. For deserving pilots that can demonstrate loads of passion but lack of funds, SSSA or some of its members will assist in sponsorship. Motivational letters for a sponsorship should reach me by no later than end of August, with supporting documentation from your club chairman.  


Depending on the entries and level of experience, the organizers will decide on the classes to be run. At this stage plans are to have a Silver Class and a Gold Class. Gold class will be pilots that have successfully completed a Gold C badge requirements, and the Silver Class that have successfully completed their Silver Badge. All classes will be handicapped.


Download Entry Form <<Here>>