The Soaring Society of South Africa

SSSA Flight Declaration 2019/20

This Internet declaration form replaces the paper format declaration used to date.

The paper declaration is no longer accepted.

Diamond Goal, Diamond Distance, Diploma Distance and Record flights require a declaration recorded in a FR (any error in the declaration will invalidate the claim)

The following points are to be carefully considered:
- Declarations (either in the FR or by means of this form) are required for Badge distance flights except in special circumstances.
- Declarations are always required if waypoints are to be claimed.
- Declarations are preferred in the FR, but this form can be used to change your Silver & Gold (FR) declaration if it is too difficult to change in the FR

The last declaration made before take-off is the one that is valid. If this declaration is being made to replace one in an FR, ensure that the time of this declaration is after the time on the declaration stored in the FR being used.
Warning: some IGC-approved FRs make turn-on time of the FR the declaration time. If you are unsure, turn on the FR before submitting this declaration.


To make a declaration, please use the link below;



Pieter Nouwens